‼️Bus Evacuation #50 ‼️

We are evacuating another 90 people from Ukraine ‼️

Please help us with a donation.

Friends today we evacuated another 90 people who were bombed out of their homes in Ukraine.
Please help us to pay for bus. Every dollar counts. We need to raise $3,600 to cover the cost of the bus.
Can you please help with a tax deductible donation? On the attached list is where the passengers are coming from and also some of their ailments.
Please donate thru the link below. Thank you.

Village Near Kherson. Every home has been damaged or destroyed
The Bus evacuates from Ukraine to a refugee center in Berlin, Germany

Our focus is on evacuating women, children and the elderly who have lost their homes.

Families have to choose between leaving their country and family, or living with bombings and the violence of war
One of the evacuees shared this video of her apartment that was bombed earlier last summer.

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