Our work is 100% funded by donations and time from our volunteers. Thank you for your support in assisting the people of Ukraine. 

What do donations fund?

Hotel rooms

Project Aid & Rescue has personally put over twelve hundred refugees into temporary hotel rooms and long-term housing since the beginning of war. 


Project Aid & Rescue has partnered with organizations inside Ukraine to successfully extract hundreds of Ukrainians. $5000-7500 USD pays for the evacuation of a busload of refugees.


Ukrainians are in desperate need of assistance with medication and medical supplies.  Moreover, the number of young women who have been raped by enemy soldiers during the war is incomprehensible.  Project Aid & Rescue has partnered with teams inside Ukraine to help. 

We have assisted with the purchase of hundreds of  “Morning After” Pills to bring to women in these cities under enemy control and on the front lines.  

Please help us provide aid to women who have had the unthinkable happen to them. A shipment of 500 morning-after pills costs roughly $4000 USD.

Food and Supplies

Project Aid & Rescue works tirelessly to guarantee food to refugees and those still in Ukraine. Donations help pay for meals for refugees as well as Project Aid & Rescue efforts to secure shipments of food to Ukraine. 

Survival Equipment

Project Aid & Rescue helps purchase and donate essential survival materials for those trapped in Ukraine. Recently, we have experienced increased requests for bulletproof vests and medical-grade tourniquets as humanitarian aid which cost $275 USD and $30 USD per unit respectively.