In February, the world turned upside down for millions of Ukrainians who lost everything they’d ever known.  Thousands have been senselessly killed and millions have been displaced in a war that no Ukrainian asked for. Since February, conditions for the people of Ukraine have only worsened and the call to action has only grown louder. The Project Aid & Rescue team was formed in response to the attack on Ukraine with the goal of helping Ukrainians both inside and outside of Ukraine. 

Who is Project Aid & Rescue? 

Project Aid & Rescue is a team of international volunteers that have come together to alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people by providing aid and resources to those in need.  Whether that is by providing hotel rooms for recent refugees; medicines, food, and supplies to those still inside Ukraine; evacuations of those who no longer have a safe place to live; or tactical first aid supplies, Project Aid & Rescue works with its partners, volunteers and donors to provide the needed humanitarian aid and support. Project Aid & Rescue emphasizes helping the most at-risk refugees and Ukrainians, namely women and children. 

What is Project Aid & Rescue’s Work?

Project Aid & Rescue’s mission of “aiding and rescuing” takes on several forms:

  1. Housing. Project Aid & Rescue helps recently escaped refugees access safe housing, primarily through paying for hotel rooms in safe cities and through volunteers welcoming refugees into their homes. We aim to preserve refugees’ dignity and humanity when everything else has been stripped from them.
  2. Food. Aid & Rescue helps affected Ukrainians access food. For recently escaped refugees, Aid & Rescue helps pay for meals and connect refugees with ways to receive donated food. For those still in Ukraine, Project Aid & Rescue has helped food get into war-torn regions. Recently, Project Aid & Rescue was able to secure a 5-ton food delivery to Uman, Ukraine.  
  3. Basic Needs. Project Aid & Rescue has facilitated the donations of, as well as paid for, thousands of dollars worth of baby supplies and female products. Donations have included necessities like baby food, diapers, tampons, and morning-after pills. 
  4. Humanitarian Survival Equipment. Project Aid & Rescue has raised money for life-saving equipment for those still trapped in Ukraine. Donations have included tourniquets, level 4 bulletproof vests, and medication. 
  5. Extractions. Project Aid & Rescue has teamed up with organizations inside Ukraine to extract hundreds of Ukrainians from war.   

We are a completely volunteer organized, international grassroots effort. We humbly thank our donors for your support in aiding the people of Ukraine. 

To read more about what your contribution would fund, please visit our donate page.