Our Colibri Story

One day, a gigantic fire ravages a rainforest.

Distraught, every animal turns and flees from their burning home. Passive spectators walking past the edge of the forest offer their condolences, but nothing more than a passing glance or hollow words of sympathy. After all, it’s not their home being burned.

As the sky turns grey with ash and searing flames tear through the land, one small hummingbird flits to a nearby river that is yet to be touched by the destruction. Relentlessly, the bird flies back and forth from the river to the fire, filling its beak with a tiny drop of water to toss on the leaves of a burning tree.

Noticing the tiny hummingbird’s efforts, a toucan challenges him:

“You’re crazy, Hummingbird! You’ll never be able to put out the fire on your own! Why even bother when it’s so much bigger than you?”

The hummingbird pauses.

“I know”, replies the hummingbird. “But I am doing my part.”

“If we all help in any way we can,” he calls over his shoulder, flying to the river once more, “we can make an impact, no matter how large or how small.” As he tosses another drop of water onto the tree, quenching a small patch of leaves, a mouse skitters out and escapes to safety.  

The hummingbird fable tells us that we must NEVER think our individual efforts are insignificant. Every little drop counts. If each of us makes a little bit of effort, the sum total will be substantial.

In a war of donations and logistics, the Colibri Story is about everyone doing their part.