Project Aid & Rescue is a team of international volunteers committed to alleviating the struggles of Ukrainian refugees. We are committed to aiding refugees in any way possible by utilizing collective networks and contacts to fill the needs of Ukrainians.

What We Do

Evacuations and Extractions from Hot Zones

With our partner organizations, we aid, fund, and arrange bus evacuations of refugees from Ukraine.


We settle refugees and fund refugees in short-term hotels upon arrival in bordering European cities.

We also help secure and fund long-term housing for refugees in Germany, France, Poland, etc.


We assist local volunteers in grassroots efforts going into Ukraine.


We purchase supplies such as bulletproof vests, bandages, and tourniquets to help victims and soldiers in Ukraine.

Medicine and Women’s Health

Project Aid & Rescue helps provide medication to refugees in need. Furthermore, as Russian soldiers continue to perpetrate violence against Ukrainian women, there is a growing need for supplies to support Women’s health.

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