The Evacuation of 90 Ukrainian Children from the War Zone

Three days ago on December 28, 2022, Project Aid & Rescue successfully and safely evacuated 90 children from Ukraine to a camp in Bulgaria.

Evacuation of Children

The lives of these children, the youngest of whom is only 5 years old, were in danger every day. Project Aid & Rescue (PAR) was asked to evacuate these children from the regions of Ukraine where hostilities are currently taking place.

Evacuation of Children

All these children need long-term psychological rehabilitation and help, as most of them have seen death with their own eyes. They were accompanied by volunteers of doctors, psychologists and social educators. They will help the children to regain their lost childhood, to overcome the psychological problems they are dealing with from experiencing the traumas of war.

All the children are from socially vulnerable categories: they have lost one or 2 parents; they have long term illnesses; they were injured during shelling of their homes and cities, have seen people killed or have suffered from constant shelling and need psychological rehabilitation. The children are from Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, and Mykolaiv regions

Some additional information and statistics on the 90 children:
•Number of Children who have lost one or two parents in the war – 18
• Number of children who were living in or near the war zone – 63
• Number of children who have 1 or 2 parents currently serving in the Defense of Ukraine – 8
• Number of children who were injured as a result of the war hostilities – 42
• Number of children with disabilities or serious illnesses – 23
• Number of children from families of immigrants from the “occupied territories of Ukraine”- 9

Children arriving in L’viv preparing to depart for Bulgaria

Upon arrival in L’viv, and before departing Ukraine, the children had a tour of Lviv and were then fed in a Lviv cafe.

In 2022, among our many other efforts to help Ukrainians, we’ve facilitated the evacuation of over 1,000 people in need out of the country.

PAR organizes buses & other missions as soon as funds are available. JOIN US in this vital work, with direct impact each & every day. Donate TODAY and deduct from your 2022 taxes! We are all volunteers, with no paid staff. #StandWithUkraine, Stand with humanity.

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