Christmas Evacuation Story from Project Aid & Rescue

A few days before Christmas we were asked to sponsor another bus evacuation from Ukraine to Germany. The situation in

Ukraine this Christmas is at time’s desperate as the Russians have targeted Ukraine’s infrastructure of heating and electricity. It is already very cold and we decided to move ahead with evacuating women and children and those who have lost their homes.

Bus Evacuation out of Ukraine

Each bus evacuation costs around $3,500 and we’ve sponsored 3 buses in December alone. We are running out of money and need your help to continue our humanitarian evacuations.

Children evacuated from Ukraine just before Christmas

If you can help us with a Tax Deductible Donation, please donate. Due to the holiday’s and many people simply being tired of hearing about the war, people’s interests have waned. We call this “war fatigue” and it is real. Especially when we in America are warm and cozy in our homes and are in relative comfort.

Here is a link. Please give the gift of kindness and freedom as we end 2022.

A mother and her young daughter on our Christmas Bus Evacuation
What Safety and Kindness Looks Like
Our 90 Passenger Double Decker Bus
Evacuees Gathering for Bus Departure
Evacuees Gathering for Bus Departure

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