Holiday Gift of Life

As we celebrate Christmas or Chanukah, Project Aid & Rescue has been organizing a Holiday Gift of Life campaign. While we gather together with friends and family in the warmth and comfort of our homes, please remember that for many people in Ukraine, there is neither warmth nor electricity right now. Please consider making a tax deductible donation by supporting one of the following initiatives:

  • $50 to provide a toy to make a child smile that has been living in a shelter.
  • $200 to evacuate a sick child out of Ukraine; $1,500 for a family
  • A generator for $1,000 for a family; $2,500 for a generator for a hospital operating room
  • An ambulance for $10,000
  • Evacuate 90 people on a bus for $3,500.

The holidays, the way we think about them in America, are very different for the people in Ukraine this year. They’re less concerned about the toys, although a child always wants something else to think about. The parents are thinking about how to keep my child fed, how to keep them from freezing to death, how to keep them from being sick, and none of this needs to be happening right now.

Sleeping Bags and Backpacks Project Aid & Rescue sent to Kharkiv

As we gather with family and friends please consider helping to brighten and warm the lives of a Ukrainian family. Thank you for your donation and your support. Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah

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