Our Holiday Gift of Life Campaign: Taking “Help for Ukraine” to the Next Level as Project Aid & Rescue works with partner organizations to provide aid during the holidays.


Daily Herald, Dave Oberhelman, December 11, 2022

Ukrainian Families in Kharkiv receiving Gifts from Project Aid & Rescue

Project Aid & Rescue worked with our partners Blue Yellow Cross and Ukraine Air Rescue to bring cancer medications to this man every month. Truly lifesaving work!
Project Aid & Rescue is buying Generators
Project Aid & Rescue helps to buy Ambulances
Project Aid & Rescue provides Antibiotics
We provide Generators so that surgeries are not done by flashlight
Project Aid & Rescue brings evacuated children and families from East and South Ukraine to Germany and The Netherlands
Project Aid & Rescue secured a double decker bus for 90 elderly, disabled, women and Children from Ukraine

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