Delivering $2.4 Million worth of Antibiotics & IFAK’s (Trauma First Aid Kits) to Ukraine

A few weeks ago, Project Aid & Rescue airlifted $2.4 million worth of Athithromycin antibiotics (72,000 individual courses) and hundreds of IFAK Trauma First Aid Kits to Ukraine from our Chicago area warehouse, with the help of our partners, Friends of Be An Angel and Operation White Stork.

Over the last 2 weeks we have been delivering them to frontline hospitals and people in the recently recaptured regions of Ukraine including the Donestk Region.

Our support is ABSOLUTELY a matter of life and death to the people in these areas. And YOUR support is as well!!

Please support our work with a tax deductible donation. We cannot do this incredible work without the help of our donors. Please share about the work we are doing and please make a donation:

American Volunteers Delivering Antibiotics and IFAK’s in Donestk Region

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