Today, together with other groups that share our common goal, we organized a coach tour bus that made its way from Berlin to the Polish/Ukrainian border.

At the border, our coach tour bus met up with another bus directly from the Ukraine.

The bus from Ukraine spent days traveling throughout the country collecting 50 to 60 women, children and elderly from Donbas, Kiev, Charkiw and Mariupol.

Together we have taken steps to insure that these free people have a safe journey to Berlin and then to Eisenach.

Wednesday night they will shower and get a good nights rest in our hotel here in Berlin where we have a team of people awaiting their safe arrival.

Thank you so to the dozens of people that worked tirelessly from Germany to Ukraine, from France, Vienna, Prague and the United States to make this mission a reality!

Please help with the cost of the bus, the food and the hotel rooms.

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